Travelling with Visirun

Visirun is the GPS locator with which you can follow in real time your vehicles at any time and from any location: it help you to optimize your performance in the better eco-friendly way.

Thanks to Visirun it’s easy to stay updated about the position of your vehicles and the operator’s driving style, traveling safely and with the top of sustainability thanks to the possibility to reduce fuel consumption and, consequently, Co2 emissions.

Every trip is a discovery of new services and opportunities to optimize your business in a convenient and ecological way: whatever it is, reaching the destination has never been so easy!

Discover Visirun

How does Visirun work? Watch the quick tour.

1. Look for the vehicle you want to follow with Visirun. Click on it directly into the map, or into the bar at the right of the screen.

2. If you’re using a mobile phone click on the left, at the top of the page and you will be able to see your veichles moving in real time. This feature is available only from mobile.

3. Click on Itinerary to see the detailed journey of the vehicle you have choosen. Then, top left, select the time of the route you are looking for. Are you following Overland? Select -top left- a time period between March 21st and June 19th 2017.

4. The Itinerary screen will appear to you. Here you can discover the detailed step-by-step journey through the interactive map!

5. Thanks to the integration of Google Maps and Visirun, you can activate the “Street view” and “Zoom” functions.

6. Click on the Dashboard section of the menu and you’ll have an overview of the main KPI of the Overland fleet. The status of the fleet will give you the opportunity to see how many vehicles are moving, how many have stopped but left the engine running. The daily report will tell you how our friends have spent the day. The report about the mileage will tell you all the miles covered in the latest week. The daily time spent will give you the idea of how much time they have travelled. The average use refers to the fuel usage, while the report next to it, shows the waste of fuel.
By clicking on “Details” below the report you can deepen aspects you are more interested in.