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DVD Season 2016

The adventure of Visirun and Overland has come to an end. This year we’ve discovered the Middle East: visiting places like Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Iran and Turkey. On our way back we passed through the Balcans, following the same paths the war refugees have travelled.

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6 June

June 6th – RunTheLand – day 78

6 June 11:00|

We wake up in a hotel at the foot of the mountains. Looking behind us, we are almost afraid that a part of the rock may break off, it is very protruding and jagged. The

June 5th – RunTheLand – day 77

5 June 11:30|

Today we will get close to the frontier with Turkey; tomorrow we shall say farewell to the Iranian territory taking with us the memory of truly warm and friendly people. A peculiar thing happened this

June 4th – RunTheLand – day 76

4 June 11:15|

It is a national holiday today in Iran, in fact, it is the commemoration of the 28th anniversary of the death of Imam Khomeini, a key person in the Islamic revolution, and still venerated today

June 3rd – RunTheLand – day 75

3 June 11:00|

Last night we entered the Iranian Azerbaijan where a lot of Zoroastrian worshipers live. Inside the towns, mosques are lesser, and many women, not only the young ones but also the older ones, try somehow

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