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DVD Season 2016

The adventure of Visirun and Overland has come to an end. This year we’ve discovered the Middle East: visiting places like Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Iran and Turkey. On our way back we passed through the Balcans, following the same paths the war refugees have travelled.

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10 June

June 10th – RunTheLand – day 82

10 June 11:41|

Unfortunately, we don’t have that much time to dedicate to the capital city. Nevertheless, we decided to visit Antikabir, the big tomb complex of Ataturk, the Father of the Turkish homeland, the first President of

June 9th – RunTheLand – day 81

9 June 11:28|

We have really been bewitched by this Cappadocia! Before leaving it and heading towards Ankara, we would like once again to have a full focus on its magic rock formations… of its endless pinnacles which

June 8th – RunTheLand – day 80

8 June 11:18|

We weren’t very much aware of what was there around us last night when we fell sound asleep, until this morning when we opened up the curtains of our bedrooms we just were shocked on

June 7th – RunTheLand – day 79

7 June 11:00|

It still feels like holiday time at breakfast! Last night’s cakes on the table (maybe too much for just seven persons) a platter each, full of all good salty food. We are hungry, but up

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