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Overland is a project that was born in 1995 from the over 50 years’ experience of Beppe Tenti gained during his many adventurous journeys.

Travel and adventure, these are the keywords: in fact, since its first edition, Overland has been wanting to draw a portrait of our planet, so we can rediscover the excitement of the over-land journey and we can share it with all the world.

In 2017 it reaches its eighteenth edition and it has not stopped to amaze yet! This year we will discover the Middle East. From Italy, passing through the heart of Europe and going East, we’ll visit Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan. If the political circumstances will allow it, the journey will continue through politically complex nations such as: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran and Turkey. On the way back home we’ll pass through the Balcans, following the same paths the war refugees have travelled.
The team led by Filippo Tenti will meet the culture, the people and the magic atmospheres of places that you will never forget!

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