And yet it moves, said Galileo Galilei! I’s 7 am, we are all standing in a row like soldiers before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in order to complete the paperwork which has been ongoing for days, and get the extension of the Afghan visas. It’s a continuous back and forth of papers between Filippo, our leader, and the ministry’s employees, signatures, stamps, payments…. The department’s chief officer, while inviting us at his office for a cup of fine hot tea, said he would try to do his best in order to solve the matter by the early afternoon: he likes foreigners and tourists in general because he believes they can actually convey out of the country their most pure and true viewing (unlike what the media and TV news usually do)! So, we entrust ourselves to his clemency.


Today, one of our Afghan comrades, Noor, is leaving us to return to Mazar i Sahrif to hold his five months old baby boy in his arms again.

Obviously, we don’t let him go before “grasping” a chat before our “recording eye”. Noor is a really cultured smart guy, who, despite what his own nationals think, he is still willing to take on the challenge and believe in his country’s rebirth. Our being here for him is really having met his match: to show the world what is truly there in Afghanistan, what is the culture of its different ethnic groups, what can it offer beyond the tough images shown daily by the medias’ broadcasting is a fantastic opportunity!


It is certainly a way to waking people’s curiosity and start nourishing the desire to go to see the country thus giving a boost to the country’s economy and the opening up of new scenarios for the future. Late in the afternoon, two of our guys, Roberto and Niko, fly to Herat where they will be spending the next day filming, adding more material and other beauties from this land to our journey’s reportage.