It is now time to go back home and Yangon is going to be our last stop. However, before leaving we attend a special program hosted by the Italian Development Cooperation, which allows young people to specialize in specific jobs, giving hope to a new government. The road goes right through the territory controlled by the armed Karen tribe. You should know that the Karen tribe and other tribes too, are fighting since 1948 to obtain self-regulation in order to keep safe their territories. Unfortunately, almost every day, the oppressor army kills, rapes women and burns down the villages making more than 3000 victims between 1999 and 2003.

On our way, we stop at a roadblock by the Karen National Liberation Army where we are able to speak to a soldier who whispers words of hope for a better future for the country. It’s dark and we have one last CinemArena project to set up. After this one, we are done… At least, for this adventure!

This has been a very interesting and magical but troubled journey at the same time, between Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Myanmar and now it has come to an end. Beautiful and unforgettable landscapes, flourishing nature, funny and friendly animals but unfortunately on the brink of extinction; old realms and ancient tales; sad stories about the Cambodian genocides and military dictatorship; a really profound religiousness, a culture made of important traditions; tasty and colorful dishes (made also of worms, scorpions and tarantulas with a bit of parmesan cheese on top) which framed this enriched and crazy experience.

We thank you all for being a part of this journey and we hope to have you on the next adventure that will be mysterious and unexpected, like something you’ve never seen before! ?

See you soon friends!