We wake up at dawn! Given that we are guests of the monks, we have to respect their habits. Some of the apprentice monks are here just for the summer, while others are sent to the monastery by the poorest families that are not able to guarantee a future for their children, so they are brought up by the monks.

When they arrive, they’re given: 3 saffron-colored tunics, a razor, a mug, a water filter, un umbrella and a bowl to collect food from the inhabitants of the place. You should know that there are more than five hundred thousand monks and seventy-five thousand nuns, who became a point of reference for the populations, especially during periods of crisis. From the ’80, to be more precise 1988, when the 8888 Uprising took place, until the Saffron Revolution in 2007, the monks stood up against tyranny run by military forces, always in a pacific way. Unfortunately, the military used violence against them killing thousands of people.

We keep driving until we reach the GREEN HILL VALLEY ELEPHANT CAMP whose purpose is to help the elephants exploited for over 30 years by men in the wood industries, by giving them a home and medical attention. It’s really hard for them to go back into wildness as they have been tamed. The saddest thing is that it’s not just old elephants but baby elephants too. In here, they are taken care of, they are given food, they’re washed and most of all loved and cuddled by strangers and locals ?.