We may well say that our REAL Iranian adventure starts from today. We’ll go and discover all the beauties, even the most unexpected and hidden ones that this land can offer. We had just left from the hotel and just a few kilometers we were crossing the old Ferdows ruins. The town was destroyed by the 1930’s earthquake. Our true traveler’s spirit drives us to peep into what remains of these ancient Persian houses entirely made with mud, brushwood, and pebbles. One can clearly see the artistic skills of these people in some vaults which are still perfectly integral and which decorate what is left of some rooms and halls.

The ruins are surrounded by a pistachio plantation, a fruit of which Iran is a major producer and exporter. Some workers are engaged in taking care of the plants and therefore, so we take a chance to try and know more about cultivating, harvesting and processing. It is right at this time of the season when flowers start bearing their fruits (right now they are little green berries covered by a green apricot like down on the outside and empty on the inside). In a two months’ time, they will be ready for harvesting and dry under the sun so that the shell can get off naturally. At this point, all the stages: drying, roasting, salting, and selling of the fruit, will start.

We get back on the road southward bound: it is amazing how the landscape changes so drastically in such a short time … we are in the middle of the desert! Danger signs indicating the possible crossing of camels are proof of it.

The wind blows strong: we are surrounded by vortexes of soil, known as Kaliburan in the local language. Luckily, they are rather small! Getting into a big one would mean not getting out of it alive.

Time flies when you are inebriated with new landscapes, but hunger starts making its way: it’s over three o’clock … we must find quickly something to put under our teeth before our sugar levels go down, and be back on the road again. Today’s destination is still far away!

The sun had set by the time we got to Garmeh. We will be spending one night in a typical Guest House all just for us. The sun is now over when we arrive at Garmeh. Here we spend the night in a typical Guest House for us all. This is a beautifully and carefully restored old house whose local charm was preserved (used to be built with some muddy material), It holds a central patio into which, nicely decorated Persian style rooms, overlook.

The air is warm: at nine in the evening we still have 36° C! Outdoor dining for tonight in a local “bar” in town (maybe even the only one): we lie on mattresses arranged around a fireplace where some water is being heated for some tea of which we would like to know what the ingredients are, it’s so good! We get (in addition to the usual rice and choice of vegetables) a camel hamburger which tastes really great.

Here we are, relaxing under the stars while sipping some fresh, natural herbal drink when someone brings us back to reality; it’s already half past eleven: someone among us still has some work to get done — we better go back to our rooms!

You are relaxing under the stars while sipping a fresh, natural herbal drink when someone brings us back to reality by making us realize it’s eleven and a half: there are people among us who must work… better retire to their homes!