Since we’ll be far from inhabited areas, Filippo checks the fuel consumption so we know exactly how much fuel we have to put before leaving. We leave the Shan State and we are heading towards Kayah, one of the States mostly populated by the Karen ethnic tribe, which counts about 5 or 6 million people! It’s impossible to give an exact number!!The population is mainly constituted by the Red Karen who live in secluded villages inside the forest, really far away from civilization. And that’s exactly the place where we want to go! Giuseppe checks how the drivers are driving. You know, safety first!!

At last, we get to one of those secluded villages, which have been allowed to be visited since 2013, where we met the famous giraffe women, the Kayan women. They’re called “Padaung” by the Burmese and wear tons of brass rings around their necks and sometimes on their legs and arms too. They never take them off, not even when they cook, grow crops or spin the fabrics of their beautiful and colorful traditional dresses. Now, let’s dismantle a myth about these women: it’s not the neck that stretches because of the rings, it’s the collarbones and the shoulders that, because of the weight, lower down. We also have the chance to interview some of the Kayan women and learn a little bit of their history! How awesome is that?!