Camilla, Furia, Beta e Tony have reached their destination: hardly a hundred meters separate us from our traveling homes! This morning Giannino and Filippo went to the military base’s Gate for the recognition of the lorry drivers to allow them access to a sort of “open space parking”: here they will wait for about 24 hrs as in quarantine. Later, these lorries will be meticulously checked by carefully trained and dedicated officers. Once this further step is over, should everything be ok (thus escaping any dangers of explosive devices placed during the journey), we will be given permission to download the vehicles and then resume possession. Better safe than sorry….

There is a meeting for the rest of the team with some representatives of the helicopter wing of the 66th Friuli Air Regiment: in the unlucky (and hopefully remote) case in which something should go wrong, they will be our immediate rescuers. For this purpose, we are provided with questionnaires to be filled in for the recognition of our person. During the following few hours, some of us will take advantage of a medical check-up and others will to go to the dentist: after staying away for two months, some “checking” is more than justified.

The medical staff is excellent, kind and helpful … they seem to have found the solution to a persistent problem with Stefania’s paranasal sinuses and with whom she has been living with for years now despite the many specialist doctors’ checks. If it should be so, she promised that she would build a statue for the doctor who advised her.

The early afternoon is too warm to engage in activities in the field. Therefore, we stay in our rooms and relax.

Around 17 hrs we slowly meet at the Piazza Italia, the central square of the military base and general meeting point. A visit to the helicopters’ hangar was expected, but organizational misunderstandings couldn’t make it possible.

It’s time for dinner. There is a reason for the Italian canteen to be so!

Usual meeting place, then over to the pub for a chat and a beer with our friends and then a good night sleep: we hope to be able to leave by tomorrow, or at least, to get the ok from the Ministry of Defense for the making of the television footage inside the military base.