After spending the night in Pyn oo Iwin, a military outpost, the team decides to take a different means of transportation, a train, and travel in the poorest class just to have an idea of what it is like travelling in poor conditions. The train leaves at 7:00 am, so they must get up early. The team wants to spend the day on the train and go to Hsipaw but faces some trouble.

The train derails because of a damaged brake. It took 2 hours to put the train back on the tracks, it was messy. They were wasting too much time and so they think it would be better to get back on the pick-ups, but when they arrived they noticed something strange. One of the doors of a pick-up was full of holes, and the driver was still in shock! What happened was that the guys found themselves in the middle of a firefight between the rebels and the Burmese army.

The team talked to some people who were able to escape from their village. They told them that rebels usually force men to join them to build an army and fight for them, especially because the know the territory really well. In spite of the fight, the team travels to Hsipaw. As soon as they arrive, the first thing they do is to go and visit a refugee centre. An entire village escaped from their homes after a bomb destroyed everything they had, and walked for 40 km to get to a monastery where they could be safe. It was a sad and touching story to hear.

On the way to Mandalay the team has fun driving on a very busy road full of hairpin bends, which is the main trading route with China. They saw lots of big trucks going to Myanmar, that transported plastic materials (and came back with opium), precious gemstones and women hoping to find a job, but who will probably end up becoming sexual slaves. Thanks to Visirun they notice that the fuel consumption isn’t high at all in spite of having driven in high altitude. The pick-ups are good, but the drivers are the best! 😉 Night comes and after another Cinemarena project it is time to go to bed. It has been a long day and the guys are very tired.