A somewhat different awakening today for our Team who doesn’t have to hope nor wait for responses from embassies or offices anymore: the only waiting time will be for boarding to Herat which is expected by the afternoon.

So, last breakfast at the hotel which has hosted us for most of our Afghan journey, and a last look from the balconies of our bedrooms which overlook Kabul from above. We will miss this town, with it’s strange attractive and repulsive energy all at the same time, after all!

Therefore, right after lunch, we move to the Khawaja Rawash Airport, on the northwestern side of the capital. In the meantime, while we are waiting at the Gate, we look on Visirun the positioning of our vehicles and try to figure out whether their traveling is proceeding smoothly and on the best possible way: it looks as they are really traveling at a steady, regular pace. If things keep going this way, we can easily estimate that we may be getting to our destination before schedule.

Time: 1600 hrs., almost like a Swiss watch our RH 0933 flight is ready for takeoff: given the enthusiastic reporting of Niko and Robi, we can’t wait to get to Herat and taste that more authentic atmosphere which we have so much been told.

A little more than one hour “suspended in the air” and we are ready for landing. There are no taxis nor vans waiting for us… and this is not because we have been forgotten, but simply because, following an invite from the Italian Ambassador in Kabul (Cantone), we will be hosted by the military base next to the airport area, so we can as well walk!

Some necessary brief checking and the welcome given are worthy of our country! A general briefing on compliance with security and behavior procedures and personal registration for the entering and exiting without problems from the base are a must.

Dinner with the Captain, and last but not least a bottle of prosecco. After over twenty days of not having any alcohol, we might as well drink it. At twenty-three hours, it’s curfew time: the trumpet blows the Taps…. Time for going to bed and lights off.

Tomorrow morning, we will be waking up according to military schedules!