The team stops at a monastery in the city of Salen where they learn new interesting things about the Lotus flower. Did you know that almost every single part of the Lotus flower can be used for different reasons? Just to name a couple: stalks are processed and transformed into fabric, leaves can be used as a plate. Unfortunately, after being introduced to plastic plates people thought they could just toss them out like they used to do with leaves, and this increased environmental pollution.

After learning about this unfortunate news the team packs and goes to Magwe for another Cinemarena project. Here the team splits into two groups, and one of them meets Massimo who works for a non-profit organization. Massimo talked about an interesting discovery made in the Dry zone territory (a typical dry, poor area where it is impossible to grow anything), a military base: Gueciaung base. It was built in 1875 after an agreement made between the Savoy reign and the Burmese reign. The aim was to build a place far away from home to lock up outlaws, but in the end it was used as a military base to fight the English army.

During the previous days the team met with a non-profit organization which has a specific project in mind called “Progetto CONTINENTI”. Its aim is to fight malnutrition, especially with children, by giving them food kits that will last not more than 3 months. Filippo calls them Super-cereals because they give kids a lot of energy.

Some areas are really rich but, unfortunately, in the past 50 years, dictators thought to make money for themselves, leaving the population in poverty. The team has a long way to go, so they decide to stop for the night at Mount Popa. This mount is actually a volcano, about 4,980 feet above the sea level, and it’s mostly known as a pilgrim site, surrounded by temples and statues of ancient spirits. One in particular catches the eye of the team: a man with a bottle of wine in his hand, and who is the guardian of drunken and gamblers. 😛