The province of Kanchanaburi preserves the wonderful Sai Yok National Park, which we reach by sailing Kwai River. Waiting for the episodes of # Overland17, for now we’re just cathing a glimpse in the heart of the Park: in the 5 rooms of Lawa Cave, 280 meters long, we find its inhabitants (bats) who sleep hanging from the ceiling. Some of them have even shown great enthusiasm to our arrival and left a souvenir on Filippo’s shirt. Who knows if this will bring him luck!

The sight of these caves goes beyond description, we find beautiful limestone formations, including sharp stalactites and stalagmites. The atmosphere can only be suggestive.

Now we move to the WAT KA NHON monastery where there is the Nang Yai school. This is a practice that uses templates to create the of Thai shadows theater, show with an old charm, which consists of a particular combination of two arts into one: the art of shadow performances and the art of traditional choreography. Performed mainly in temples, where the shapes, made from cow hides, were moved in front of a white towel with a musical and narrative accompaniment, Nang Yai shows were suspended in 1960 because of a fire in the National Theatre of Bangkok during which many puppets were destroyed. The big show of shadows lost its popularity with the passing of time and the remaining puppets were left unattended in Bangkok’s National Museum. Here we have the fortune to attend a ballet, and the way it is choreographed. An enchanting spectacle!