No alarm set for today: the guys need to rest as much as they can. While Filippo goes around the city to make sure that everything is in place in order to guarantee the safety of the journey, some of the guys wanders around the city, someone else goes grocery shopping, somebody else cleans the vehicles and someone else just relaxes reading a book.


It’s also time for a check up of the vehicles, so we drive to a Volkswagen centre and leave them there for awhile. We need to be sure that everything is working properly, otherwise we put at risk our safety.


In the evening Beppe, Stefania, Roberto and Enrico go to the Italian Embassy. It’s quite tricky getting there. We call a taxy (specifically for 5 people) from the hotel, and what comes to pick them up is a car a bit bigger than a Fiat 500, but they manage to get inside.. With a laugh..


We get a warm welcome from the Italian ambassador in Moscow, Cesare Maria Ragaglini, and spend a couple of hours inside his residence asking him about his point of view about the Russian population and what are the thoughts of the Russian state on the UE and Italy.
A nice tour of the late1800 Belgian building that, since 1924, is the official residence of the Italian ambassadors and then back to the hotel.

Tomorrow we will finally go visit the capital city.