We woke up with everything white this morning: Cernihiv is covered with snowflakes. We come across a police car and, thinking we need help, he kindly takes us to the entrance of the city.

Kiev is our first stop: Oleg, a ukranian citizen who vowed his life to humanitarian aid (especially old people), is waiting for us to get interviewd and tell his story.

He’s a real hero that, since 2004, has risked everything for the eldest. During the years he rescued his “guests” (sometimes bringing them on his back for km) that had to escape from Russia and its breakaway regimes.
The encounter between him and the old ladies is very moving. The stories leave us speachless, and we shed a tear. The voices are trembling but the desire to hold on thight to life and hope for a better future, is tangible.


Early in the evening the vehicles leave Kiev going east, we don’t have a precise destination in mind for today: sure we’d love to rest a bit more, since we didn’t have a lot of spare time.


We will stop when we’ll have lots and lots of km to drive, when we realize that “CAMILLA” (the Amarok of Simone), wandered off to shoot some scenes for a while now, is not answering the radio and is nowhere behind “FURIA”, Stefania’s vehicle. Maybe she run out of fuel? Visirun can help us, we find the truck and estimate she can reach the first gas station on the way and easily catch us.


It’s around 9 pm that we decide to stop and spend the night in a hotel: a building entirely made by wood surrounded by grass. It creates a beautiful atmosphere 🙂


We had a super tasty dinner with grilled meat and a glass of wine of the “house” (made by our skydiver Giannino, driver of one of our Califirnia) that gave us back carefreeness, keeping away the stress.