The alarm goes off: outside the window we see our vehicles covered in ice. The temperature is dropping day after day: today’s going to be a really cold day.. Better cover ourselves.
We take a tour of Minsk by car. Even though this city seems pretty grim with its socialist architecture, it captures our eyes. Wide boulevards with squared buildings on the side, see 4 orange trucks with the write “Overland”, passing through.

We get close by the obelisque in Vittoria’s square just in time to witness the change of the guard. It’s impossible not to capture this moment, so we take pictures 😉 It’s time to park the vehicles and Filippo decides its time to fly the drone: the great patriotic war museum deserves to be seen from above. We realize, after putting back the drone, that a storm is getting closer and closer. Regardless of the cold and the rain, Stefania and FIlippo start running towards the trucks: they don’t care about getting wet, they just want to rise their body temperature.

Later we have an incredible opportunity to interview a local teacher, came back recently to Belarus after spending years in the United States. He can definetely give us an objective point of view on the liveability of this country. Apparently the majority of the population doesen’t want to take a stand against the strict and limiting impositions made by the political system, because they’re afraid this can compromise their own peaceful state of being, but there’s a 10% (made by young people with a thirst for a change) and willing to fight for a better future for them and the future generations.

This 10% is, without a doubt, the crowd in the street protesting, this afternoon, against the decision of the government to add taxes to those who are unimployed: We are so with this so called rebels! We witness scenes that usually we only see on the news: military soldiers make a human chane and go towards the crowd, policemen waiving nightstiks and arrest lots of young people…
We move from the protest because we don’t want to get caught up, and because we have to hit the road, Ukraine is waiting for us.

We get at the border and, once again, we have to stay longer than we anticipated.. And we get to bed really really late…