Unfortunately, even though we turned off the lights in our bedrooms a few hours ago, we can’t stay any longer under the warm covers because we are on a schedule. We decide to have breakfast and on the menu we have: hotpot, potatoes, salad, chicken breast… It’s not what we are used to and after a difficoult conversation (only few people here know a bit of english) we get coffe, tea and mini muffins.

Then it’s already time to discover Brest, one of the occidental doors of Belarus, city that was under the control of Poland and Russia. We visit the fortress, built in 1842 and placed just right above where the rivers Bug and Mukhavez merge. It has fortified walls long 30 km, to avoid incursions. Today this fortress is a memorial, a remind of the tragedy of the war and the nazi aggression.

We move to the city centre and we start wandering around, in a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere. A group of women come up to us in a nice, gentle and cheerful way, asking us to repeat moves and words. The purpose, as they told us, is to spread joy and insouciance crating a bubble that people can enter and go back to be kids again. Mission accomplished: we burst into laughs!

It’s 5:00 pm and we feel its time to put something inside our bellies :P. A familiar smell is inebriating us.. PIZZA! The owner, italian of course, invite us at his restaurant and, even though we always want to try different food, we can’t say no to a good Pizza (this guy is also a fan of Overland).

We shoot a bit more, and when we realize its almost nightfall, we hit the road going to Minsk. We have to drive 350 km ca. We arrive at 11:00 pm, we have dinner and then straight to bed. A new day full of adventure is waiting for us and we’re excited!