We weren’t very much aware of what was there around us last night when we fell sound asleep, until this morning when we opened up the curtains of our bedrooms we just were shocked on looking at the scenario offered by this place of pure magic.

We are literally in a unique place, never seen before. It feels like being among several dollhouses carved into the pointed rocks which create a real living manger under the sunlight. There is a natural castle which was carved into the rock in ancient times just in front of us, which is nothing else but some tufa stone perforated by a labyrinth of windows and galleries, which was used by the people of the place, over the years, as a shelter from attacks.

And amid this setting, we enjoy breakfast on the terrace. It feels like living inside a fairy tale.

And so, with these strong emotions and desire to discover every corner of this paradise, our caravan is back again on the road.

We cross these spectacular valleys, in a breathtaking panorama that resembles those planets seen from the satellites, which consists of bizarre rocks of light colors which go from reddish, to pink and then white. The action of water and erosion over millennia has given as a consequence these extraordinary geological rock forms. At times, they look like ice-cream cones, giant meringues, or if we want to use more imagination, like soft cupcakes stuffed with cream.

At times, it also seems to be in amidst the “Trulli” [N.o.T.: traditional Apulian dry stone huts with a conical roof], other times among the marvelous Sardinian granite rock rocks. Just let your fantasy fly – which becomes very simple in this place – and the mind creates scenography the way it wants.

We certainly will be having a hard time trying to choose the images to show you guys, the ones of the travelling caravan and our drone “Pinuccio”..

Close to the Goreme village, there is one of the best well-known places of the area, that is the “Open Air Museum” which we obviously go and visit. Its rock-cut churches are carved directly into the rock and hold splendid millenary frescoes that have been preserved up to the present time’s thanks basically to the lack of light inside the quarries which has avoided fading.

We’re back to the discovery of the surrounding valleys: you can really get lost! One doesn’t necessarily need to have a particular destination because wherever you go, whatever you look you can be fascinated. An enchanting landscape is one of the so-called “Fairy Chimneys,” rock formations that reach up to 40 mt height, elongated shape, with a cap or hat which resembles the chimneys of the fairy tales.

The term “Cappadocia,” allegedly means “the land of beautiful horses.” Therefore, one cannot avoid riding among these valleys, allowing your senses to ride freely and bring them back to a primitive state where man, nature and the animal live within a music composed of breadths, the sound of the blowing wind, and the sound of clumping of hooves. The Rose Valley on the horizon merely makes this union even more real.

With her innate passion for horses, Stefania feels in her inner self a real gratefulness for Creation and towards those who have given her the chance to live this experience which cannot be either quantified nor expressed.

So, its sunset time. The full moon is cheery on the cake for the surrounding panorama.

A glass of red wine gives a stroke of red to this wonder.

We will be dreaming tonight!