It still feels like holiday time at breakfast! Last night’s cakes on the table (maybe too much for just seven persons) a platter each, full of all good salty food. We are hungry, but up until today we certainly can’t say that we have starved. One way or another we got away with it greatly .. even during the Ramadan period just as the one we are still in!

We must admit, we ate a lot and are stuffed, but we’re back on the road again. We will be moving to reach the ill-famed Cappadocia. Despite the short time spent in Turkey, we can’t miss the chance to see what books and documentaries talk about with incomparable emphasis.

The kilometers which separate us from our destination run on the D100 – partly covered yesterday – as well as on the D260, and which will take us to the heart of the Turkish plateau.

There are times when one is not able to describe the beauty and the wonder one feels when in front of mother nature. So the wisest thing to do is just to remain silent, gaze at the landscape and drive as if there was no destination as if the only aim should be being one with the surrounding scenery.

In the background, the music for travelling makes everything even more perfect, if possible. A look at the rearview mirror: the orange caravan slides, distinctively like a white fly amid deep green hills and painting a fairytale-like moving portrait.

It is among these fairytale images when we finally reach Uchisar in the heart of Cappadocia known for the wonderful moonlike landscape because of the peculiarity of its rock formation.

We enter our bedrooms carved in the rock of a charming hotel. Real cave rooms which have been refurbished and equipped with every comfort, it almost feels like diving in the past while always keeping a foot in the present.

By sunset time we reach picturesque spot: a glass of wine and the breathtaking view scratches off the accumulated fatigue after almost a three months journey.

The sun on the horizon farewells us with a goodbye worthy of the accounts on Cappadocia.

Turkey amazes us each time more.