Today we will get close to the frontier with Turkey; tomorrow we shall say farewell to the Iranian territory taking with us the memory of truly warm and friendly people. A peculiar thing happened this morning to put the stress on this latter aspect, and which just astonished Stefania! While waiting in the hall of the hotel writing down some emails to be sent to Italy, a young girl whom we met last night along with her parents and with whom she spent some time answering her questions full of curiosity and enthusiasm just entered the hotel. She brought with her some presents. A very famous typical cheese of the place (could she have known that Stefania is crazy for cheese?!), and a crown shaped ring. Sfefi is speechless! And in turn, she takes the ring that she bought in Bamyan (for which she cares very much because of the memories related to Afghanistan) and gives it to her hoping that it may remind her about the blond traveler and give her the right input to go to the discovery of our beloved land. Once this pleasant moment of removal of geographical and cultural boundaries, is over we get on our vehicles and start moving.

Before leaving town (despite still being a holiday and maybe everything is also closed on this day) we decide to visit the Blue Mosque being it one of the most glorious marvels and buildings of the town before several earthquakes had severely damaged it and almost totally collapsed. It was built on 1465, yet it took 25 more years before the artists could cover the whole surface with complex calligraphies and intense blue majolica tiles which nowadays only a very small part is left. However, restoration works are trying to bring it back with meticulous patience to its original glory … who knows, maybe on a forthcoming journey to Iran we will be lucky to see its progress.

We make a stop at the post office to relate, in this episode on the Iranian postal service which was the first one founded around the 5th century B.C.

Some shooting around the town streets and then we leave the metropolis and head to Maku, the last border crossing before entering Turkish land.

The road, past the deserted area, offers a landscape that leaves us breathless: green hills are lost in the infinite horizon in front of us.

But, if we add to this the wonderful sunset, where the sun peeps into the horizon next to the biblical and evocative Mount Ararat and thus, creating a blend of shades ranging from red to lilac, pink amid a frame of weird shaped clouds… we could undoubtedly think that even the Iranian landscape wants to say farewell to us with its unbelievable wonder of nature.