Waking up to looking out the window onto the sea, really has no price. We decide to spend the day in Montenegro.  It’s a hardly known country. Nevertheless, it may reveal several landscape surprises. The irregular coastline has a remarkable view, but we’d like to go into the up-country. In fact, this country boasts four national parks and one of these will be the starting point for our shooting. After a dozen kilometers, we reach Lake Scutari, the largest lake in the Balkans. We take a panoramic road that gives us a wonderful view of this immense water reservoir nowadays a home for numerous species of birds, fish and seaweed and renown tourist destination.

Then we head towards the northern side of the country to shorten the journey. The road towards Croatia is a state road running along the coast with countless bends and traffic. We stop for a meal at a small restaurant in a bay, then take a break and head to the historic Cetinje, the former capital of Montenegro until World War I.

We reach the village of Bjela, where we spend the night.

Its already Thursday morning and we are closer and closer to home. Today we should reach our country so that we can shorten the number of kilometers left to reach Verona’s Volskwagen Headquarters where we are anxiously awaited.

There we make several stops .. either because we are tired and also because we would like to share these very last moments together.

Three months have gone over and done since we left in March, and if on the one side it feels like ages, on the other side time has really flown.

We have laughed, joked, gone through undoubtedly difficult situations, yet, together we have filled our lives with the understanding of a part of the world which was new to our sight and our lives. We have shared an experience that will bind us forever and to which we will always think about with a smile on our lips.

Our families are now waiting for us, to re-embrace us – we are looking forward to it – yet inside our hearts, we already miss each other.

Goodbye guys, see you at our next adventure…