Having taken some pics with the owner of the hotel (also because of the extreme amiability showed to us), we get on the road back again. However, before leaving town, we send our Robi to take some sequences to the countless dental practices in this frontier town. It looks like that in this town (as well as in the rest of the Macedonian country) dentists are quite good, and they are a lot cheaper compared to, both the neighboring countries as well as many others … including Italy. Therefore, it is not unusual to find people from different nationalities who come to spend a Macedonian “dental holiday”!

We parked our vehicles to the roadside, and while waiting for the recording of these images, some of our most glutton members of the team just discovered a wonderful white mulberry tree with fruits as big as a spool of thread just waiting there to be eaten! One cannot help picking these delicious fruits even risking being “shot” by the garden owner? They will all fall on the ground after all… as most of them have!

A fantastic nosh up of these fruits and off we go towards new boundaries!

Leaving behind Skopje, the capital city, we enter Kosovo where we need to make an additional insurance (even thou we will be spending just over an hour) because ours does not cover this country. The same thing works for the next customs office, the Albanian one. The kilometers run a bit lazy today: traveling is almost entirely along busy state roads, but we have a goal! Going back to the sea and spend the night there. So, we head towards the Montenegrin country. It is already evening when we reach it, but just in time to taste the last lights of a red burning sunset over the sea.

And just to put the cherry on the cake, we find a hotel right on the coast: the balconies of our rooms have a breathtaking view. We fall asleep cuddled by the rush of the waves on the rocks.