The actual countdown for our entry back to Italy starts today. The next days will be mostly spent on packing and moving. Some pictures were taken here and there, but the aim of our daily journeys will be the reaching of Verona where, half-heartedly, we shall be leaving our caravan vehicles at the Volkswagen in Italy. A last farewell to Istanbul while coasting the embracing monumental Teodosian walls which used to protect the town from enemy incursions and then take the highway and head straight to Greece.

The track winds mostly along a coastline route. Coasting the sea after months of inner land landscapes instils a sort of freedom feeling which we must say we really missed. And hence, after 282 km we reach the Greek boarder while dreaming of taking a swim and plunging into the sea. Very quick passport controls and away as far as possible. We start to feel somewhat hungry. Stefania is browsing the GPS navigator manages to find a little place right on the beach just a couple of kilometers away …. Why not?!! The fact that she has been a little sick during the past couple of days because of a cold is a good reason to satisfy her wish! But the whole team certainly doesn’t mind at all! Hence, we reach this nice cozy place in Makri where we revived ourselves with a fantastic meal essentially made up of fresh fish … a real lust! But we cannot miss the chance to get our feet into the water. Actually, we would like to take a swim but time runs so we must hit the road again. The traffic runs smoothly, and the road is in a very good condition. Therefore, we decide to keep on driving up to the next country! So, by eight o’clock Greek time (seven for the Italian and Macedonian) we manage to reach also the Customs Office of Bogoroditsa, and we officially enter Macedonia! Just a few kilometers ahead we reach a hotel (we find is managed by a very nice family). We will have dinner with a great barbecue cooked right in the garden just for us (we can’t believe having pork ribs and pork chops after having none for the last couple of months!) and where we will be spending the night.

We can well say that today we had a Turkish breakfast, a Greek lunch, and a Macedonian dinner, and it certainly doesn’t happen every day!