The Run The Land project

Run The Land is the project came from the meeting between Overland, its ambition to draw a portrait of the planet on board of over-land vehicles and the attention of Visirun about the ecological and sustainable use of the vehicles involved in the expeditions.

Earth is the main character of Overland’s expeditions and Visirun is the best way to use technology as a tool of protection and promotion of its ecosystem. Companies, in fact, have to take the field with real actions and Visirun has always been at the frontline!

That’s why Visirun chose to sponsor Overland 18 with a GPS tracker system of fleet management for all the vehicles: the protagonists of the expedition will be able to monitor the real time consumption* of their vehicles and produce reports about it, so Visirun will help them to reduce fuel consumption during the expedition and, therefore, Co2 emissions in the atmosphere.

Run The Land is discovery, it’s sustainability, it’s sharing: day by day we will follow the incredible adventures of the Overland team to discover with them the hidden wonders of the Middle East: visiting places like Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Iran and Turkey. On the way back the team will travel through the Balcans, following the same paths the war refugees have travelled.

Are you ready? Let the journey begin!



*Depending on the plan, data will be transmitted with a variable delay from 30 seconds to 3 minutes

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