A Tuesday just like others, but not for us. We finally start the engine of our orange Volkswagen vehicles and begin this new adventure.
This year, back in the team, we have Beppe Tenti with his long-term experience, and Filippo, his son. Together they will be able to make us live un unforgettable adventure.
We also have a new entry: Stefania, a funny and energic woman with a lot of experience in travels that will help defuse tension due to a long, long journey ensuring the succes of the program.
To guarantee the safety of the Team and adopt a eco-friendly way of travel, we decided to renew the partnership with Visirun, that will also help us calcolating fuel-efficient, route, time of the travel, and keeping, at the same time, the geolocation of our vehicles kilometre after kilometre.
We leave Italy in the early evening and we drive North.
Since we are behind schedule, we try to make up as much ground as we can. We drive through Austria, to get to Germany, then Austria again. The hours pass by really fast and after driving for 600 kilometres we decide to make a stop in Enns, where we have dinner and spend the night in a hotel, probably the only one of this little town.