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15 June

June 14th_15th – RunTheLand – day 86_87

15 June 11:00|

Waking up to looking out the window onto the sea, really has no price. We decide to spend the day in Montenegro.  It’s a hardly known country. Nevertheless, it may reveal several landscape surprises. The irregular coastline has a remarkable view, but we’d like to go into the up-country. In fact, this country boasts four national

June 13th – RunTheLand – day 85

13 June 11:20|

Having taken some pics with the owner of the hotel (also because of the extreme amiability showed to us), we get on the road back again. However, before leaving town, we send our Robi to take some sequences to the countless dental practices in this frontier town. It looks like that in this town (as

June 12th – RunTheLand – day 84

12 June 11:30|

The actual countdown for our entry back to Italy starts today. The next days will be mostly spent on packing and moving. Some pictures were taken here and there, but the aim of our daily journeys will be the reaching of Verona where, half-heartedly, we shall be leaving our caravan vehicles at the Volkswagen in

June 11th – RunTheLand – day 83

11 June 11:45|

This one will certainly be one of those Sundays which we will never forget.  It certainly doesn’t happen every day that one walks through the Istanbul market, or that you find yourself talking to the Imam of the Blu Mosque, yet this is part of what our team lives on the warm day of June.

June 10th – RunTheLand – day 82

10 June 11:41|

Unfortunately, we don’t have that much time to dedicate to the capital city. Nevertheless, we decided to visit Antikabir, the big tomb complex of Ataturk, the Father of the Turkish homeland, the first President of the Turkish Republic and certainly the emotional heart of the whole Turkish nation. People come from all over the country

June 9th – RunTheLand – day 81

9 June 11:28|

We have really been bewitched by this Cappadocia! Before leaving it and heading towards Ankara, we would like once again to have a full focus on its magic rock formations… of its endless pinnacles which rise steeply to the sky. We, therefore, decide to take the caravan up to the foot of the Love Valley,

June 8th – RunTheLand – day 80

8 June 11:18|

We weren’t very much aware of what was there around us last night when we fell sound asleep, until this morning when we opened up the curtains of our bedrooms we just were shocked on looking at the scenario offered by this place of pure magic. We are literally in a unique place, never seen

June 7th – RunTheLand – day 79

7 June 11:00|

It still feels like holiday time at breakfast! Last night’s cakes on the table (maybe too much for just seven persons) a platter each, full of all good salty food. We are hungry, but up until today we certainly can’t say that we have starved. One way or another we got away with it greatly

June 6th – RunTheLand – day 78

6 June 11:00|

We wake up in a hotel at the foot of the mountains. Looking behind us, we are almost afraid that a part of the rock may break off, it is very protruding and jagged. The first sleepy faces start coming into the breakfast room, just one of them is certainly awake and active… it’s Ruben’s!

June 5th – RunTheLand – day 77

5 June 11:30|

Today we will get close to the frontier with Turkey; tomorrow we shall say farewell to the Iranian territory taking with us the memory of truly warm and friendly people. A peculiar thing happened this morning to put the stress on this latter aspect, and which just astonished Stefania! While waiting in the hall of

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