Moving day… We are getting closer and closer to the Uzbek border, which we should enter in 2 days. After 100 km the vehicle of our giudes stops along the way, close to a temple. This is a must-stop for the Kazakh travellers! They have to stop to obtain the blessing, to get along with their journey. We wonder if their prayer includes us. We get back on the road. The numbers of camels grows more and more before our eyes.

We decide to stop in a farm where camels, these beautiful majestic, fluffy, long-haired animals, are bred. We are lucky: the females give birth every two year and a couple of weeks ago gave birth to a dozens of baby camels, still trying to figure out how to walk and behave in this world.

Without any further doubt we get past the fence and start petting this little (so do speak) animals. Then comes the time to milk the female camel. The shepherd really know his job and starts milking the camel and in a blink of an eye the bucket is half full. Just for us. Someone is skeptical, but not Stefania that tastes it!

It’s still warm, it’s delicate and tasty at the same time: it’s almost like our cow milk. We thank the people for their hospitality and their kindness and we hit the road once again. Direction: Beyneu. We get there in time for dinner.

We make something to eat for the next days, then we have dinner and straight to bed. 😉