Today is the effective first Kazakh day, so we go to Atyrau. Lots of cows, horses, camels cross the road, not caring at all about us. 

We notice that there are, also a lot of drills: we must not forget that we are in a country whose main business is oil extraction.

It’s almost 2 pm, we drove 180 km but going a bit faster is impossible as we learned from yesterday, so we got an invitation from an elderly couple, friends of Yernar, to have lunch at their house.

This is the perfect chance to know better the culture and lifestyle of this country. They are adorable, we received a warm welcome, the house is perfectly balanced with elements of the ancient tradition and more modern ones.

We seat on a carpet with our legs crossed and we have in front of us a tablecloth with food: rise with carrots and meat is the dishes we got offered, with a typical beverage that they drink on New Year’s Eve (celebrated on the 22nd of March), made of camel’s milk, carrots, meat, rise, wheat and salt, which is very meaningful for them.

According to custom, after a meal the family man has to bless the hosts: a huge good luck for our adventure and the hope to meet again.

We say our goodbyes and leave.

After 250 km we finally get to Atyrau and we go straight to the Manjali Mosque: symbol of the Islamic religion, professed by the majority of the population (around 70%).

We want to know more about this country and its traditions, that’s why we decide to go to the market: a fascinating reality where age, race, colors, perfumes can melt the coldest of the harts.

We end up having a typical Kazakh dinner made of Besbarmark: horse and mutton meat, boiled, cut and stirred with strands of home made pasta, served with mutton’s broth. His name means: “Five Fingers”, because, according to custom you should eat it with your hands.

We don’t pull back and we try.. Commitment is always appriciated! 😉