Someone has to set the alarm early today! Filippo, Roberto, Enrico and Niko have an appointment (basically at dawn) at the ONU headquarter, in Kabul with an insider that will take them to a homeless shelter, close to the border with Pakistan, where they’ll have the chance to get to know closely the kind of job done by the Afghani community. This people want to go back to their country, but since they don’t have money, a job or healthcare they receive help from the ONU.

While part of the group interviews people and make reports of the situation, the other part load the vehicles, check the tires, the galley, everything necessary to keep on traveling in safety. This evening we should have had dinner with the former colleagues of Giannino, but unfortunately diplomatic setbacks canceled our plans. Well, we still have our personal chef, so we will eat tasty Italian food.

It’s lunch time when we get all together again.

In the afternoon some rest and other watch the preview of the second episode of Overland (sent via web from Italy), to comment, correct and relive our adventure once again. There’s no big difference between the flow of time during a trip or the time in the everyday life! Sometimes time flies and we are left with just a thin memory, other times it gifts you with the beauty and a smile for what you’re living and doing!

The night comes, so we decide to have dinner out with our guides and drivers that we now consider our friends! We go early to bed: tomorrow starts a new adventure!