Here we are in Kbal Spean, an Angkorian era archaeological site on the southwest slopes of the Kulen Hills to the northeast of Anagkor in Siem Reap District, Siem Reap Province, Cambodia. It is situated along a 150m stretch of the Stung Kbal Spean River, 25 kilometres from the main Angkor group of monuments. The site consists of a series of stone rock relief carvings in sandstone formations of the river bed and banks. It is commonly known as the “Valley of a 1000 Lingas”. The motifs for stone carvings are mainly myriads of lingams (phallic symbol of Hindu god Shiva). Hindu people used to come in here to study and become brahimins, members of the Varṇaśrama dharma o Varṇa vyavastha, the traditional priest cast of the Hindu society.

We are, now headed to the Phnom Kulen National Park, located in the Phnom Kulen mountain massif in Siem Reap Province and in order to visit the inside of the jungle we take a very different means of transport: a rickety scooter! We had the chance to see breathtaking archeological finds such as: the OPHONG tower, ARAM RONG’s cave which is a place of worship, the foundations of the ancient temple POENG TBAL, the three KRABEI KRAP towers and a lot of other places. A legend says that in SRAH DAREI there are animals that protect a mysterious temple which has never been found… We are still looking for it!

We take a glimpse at our Visirun tablet to check if our jeep is still in the spot we parked it, or if it’s gone somewhere without us! 😛