New day, new flight… We hope it’s the last one regarding the “Uzbek case!” Today we go back to our beloved orange vehicles, that became our home: confident of our most personal thoughts, our laughs, sad moments. Our friends that took us in an incredible journey, our partners in crime! We miss them!

We fly from Tashkent to Urgench with the 1:00 pm flight, where a minibus is waiting to take us to Khiva.

We can see from afar the Amarok, the two California and the Transporter waiting where we left them, with our mascots Camilla and Margherita at the driver seats, guarding the vehicles helping Visirun doing its job. 😛

We are not leaving Khiva yet, we plan to leave tomorrow morning. We spend the time left here to shoot some more footage, take pictures and fly the drone: the view from high above is absolutely stunning. The quiet of the city at night seems to recreate the echoes of pain and scream of Russian slaves, buried in the morning by the noises of the hundreds of tourists visiting the city.

We cannot skip the walk around the city, which has become a “must”. It relaxes us and stretches our legs before the beginning of a new trip.

It’s happy hour time: Filippo, Stefania, Stack and Giannino take advantage of this “break” to get inside a Tea House tent, pretty cozy! They later find out it’s the same place where they will have dinner.

We also take this time to put gasoline in our pick-ups, in the usual “kind of illegal” way, it may become legal one day!

The last supper in Khiva and then straight to bed: tomorrow we get back on the road.