A quiet awakening inside the walls of the old city of Khiva, this morning. Our team spent the night in a nice, typical hotel that perfectly reflects the style of the city that is hosting us.

Yes… Hosting, but we still don’t know how long for! Since we are way behind schedule, our visa expired and we’re still trying to fix the problem, but it’s taking a while.

So we decide to split for the morning. Half of the team wanders around, trying to capture the tiniest details of this magical city, and shooting some footage for you, while Filippo still tries to solve the “visa problem”.

We receive a radio call that notifies us that we all should fly to Almaty, going back to Kazakhstan (Stefania is very happy about it, because she can drink a little bit more of that exquisite goat milk she had last time), to get the new visa… After all we still haven’t taken a flight since the beginning of our adventure!

We still have time to have lunch between the walls of this ravishing city; a light bag, a quick goodbye to Simone who has to go back to Italy, and straight to the airport of Urgench where we will take the last domestic flight around 6:35 pm to Tashkent.


We find a minibus waiting for us, that brings us at border with Kazakhstan: we quickly we pass customs control (with big surprise) and under an unstoppable rain we proceed towards the town of Shymkent where we spend the night. Tomorrow another flight will take us to Almaty.