The sun is finally shining over Moscow, and it’s time to take a look around.
First stop: Sparrow Hills which is one of the highest spot of the capital and has a beautiful view over the city. The guys perfectly play the roles of tourists, poking around the stalls, buying Russian dolls and fur hats! A physical memory, symbol of this city, you must take home!

Then we move to the Muscovy Arc de Triomphe to get to Victory Park, built in memory of the great Russian war. There there’s a huge triangular obelisk 150 metres high, with the statue of Nike, the Greek Victory Goddess, on top of it.

It’s impossible not to see the heart of Moscow, the oldest part of the citadel, built on the left side of Moscow that hosts most of the national government institutions of the country: the Kremlin. Just outside its eastern walls there’s the famous Red Square and the St. Basil’s Cathedral with its historical priceless value. A breathless view that will give you goosebumps!

We take a walk down Arbat Street, one of the youngest streets filled up with positive energy at any time of the day or night: people dance in the street, there are concerts. We also stay to watch a breakdance show while there’s live music.

Fascinated by a train station, we decide to get inside: it’s like being inside the hall of an 1800 building! Floors and walls covered with marbles coming from all over Russia, paintings, mosaics and statues guides us to the railways. Every single train station looks like a work of art.

We have to leave this beautiful place because it’s time to interview a group of students that made a documentary about Russian corruption.