Organized checks on the lorries and vehicles start very early in the morning: it won’t be that quick, procedures are very long and meticulous. Filippo and Giannino (our “heroes” are the only ones allowed to the vehicles: so, they download them from the lorries and must empty the vehicles from every single content just by themselves (poor guys!!). Next, trained dogs search for possible explosive devices. Eventually, after five hours checks we get a green light (of course we knew that. Call it trust, alchemy or as you like it … but the people with whom we had organized this transportation, as advised by our trusted guides, gave us a good impression!)


We take this opportunity also to give a general check to our vehicles inside the base’s garage, inflate the tires, and resetting the load properly. We are waiting to get back on the road: Besides, there will be voting in Iran tomorrow, and the Iranians whom we are in contact in contact with, are gathering information on whether the roads forecasted by our route will be open or not. According to the response, we will decide what to do. Our stay at the “Casa Arena” has turned out to be longer than it was estimated … the Team starts getting nervous: of course, one must take into account that unforeseen events on such a journey can always happen, but it is also true that we are “traveling souls” and feeling Forced to stay in a place because of force majeure reasons is rather unpleasant.


However, we try to stay positive and confident! Tonight, our boss has decided to cheer our mood and instill positivity by having a pizza with us at one of the outdoor pub restaurants of the military base: he always knows how to handle situations … a real professional in everything! Besides, “reinforcements” from behind the lines … headcheese and “caciocavallo” cheese are taken to the table! Some Southern (Italy) Army soldiers have once again proved themselves generous and friendly hosts! Our turn next time …..