About 50km northeast of Chiang Mai, hidden away in the emerald jungles the small village of Ban Mae Kampong has become
a retreat for travellers looking to escape the commercialism of Chiang Mai.
Perched at an altitude of about 1300m, Ban Mae Kampong is locally famous as a centre for the production of mêeang (pickled tea leaves),
and local coffee is sold at many small coffeeshops dotted along the road through the village. We started the day donating money to the monks of the village, and
feeling a little bit hungry we helped the women of the village, who gave us hospitality, cook. It’s possible to find an accomodation just by
asking at the houses displaying a ‘homestay’ sign. We managed to cook typical dishes and, in particular, comb with honey and larvae, cooked in babana leaves.
Who thought it could be something so delicious! You’all should try it.. At least once!

It’s time to say goodbye to this amazing village which gave us such a warm welcome but at the same time was confusing.

We’re almost at the hotel in Manee Dheva were we will spend the night. There’s a surprise that is waiting fur us in the morning!