In Bangkok, of course, it wasn’t enough for us to contemplate modern skyscrapers and visit the fascinating temples that compose, in a strangely harmonious way, the Thai metropolis, but we discovered Muay Thai, martial art and national sport, closely … sooo close. .. the discipline is known as “the art of eight weapons” or “the science of eight limbs” because it allows the two competing contenders to use combinations of punches, kicks, elbows and knees, so eight parts of the body used as points of contact. Original Muay Thai became popular in the sixteenth century at home, but it spread internationally only in the twentieth century, after some regulatory changes and when several Thai boxers confronted successfully with representatives of various martial arts. We interview the Master SaneTubtimthon of Muay Thai Live company. We admire the performance of Master Mauro Magliocchetti and a demo of the stunts show, in which we are personally involved. Fortunately we survived, with a few bruises more. So the next visit is what it takes to recover from ailments!

We arrive at the SIAM Wellness SPA, elected among the five best Thai spa of 2015. Simone and Filippo spontaneously offered themselves as volunteers to test a massage .. Did you have doubts ?!

After this relaxing moment, we literally immersed in the city traffic aboard a tuk-tuk, taxi with three wheels typical of Southeast Asia: the most typical way to see the evening of cosmopolitan Bangkok. At an crossroad we lose one of the tuk-tuks. What a shame not to have installed the visirun unit on these means too, with gps we would have found ourselves in city traffic much easier!

And now we visit the stands in Chinatown and have a streetfood dinner!