We are in Sukhothai, which means “Dawn of Happiness”, it was the first Thai kingdom which, according to the legend, was founded around 500 AD.; one of the first rulers was the mythical king Chao Aluna Khmara, also called Phra Ruang (the Lightning Son), who was born from a relationship between a man and a mythical Naya princess. Today the city has been restored, and the comparison with the old Sukhothai city is incredible. We come across Suthep Sank He Lok, the owner of the ceramics factory, and we ask her to tell us about her job. The ceramics produced is typical of the city and is called Siladon, i.e. “green as jade”. The colors are derived from natural products. Unfortunately the weather does not emphasize the beauty of these views: under the rain, we turn to the streets and the market.

We find ourselves in front of Wat Mahathat temple, which contains one of the most beautiful and important buddha of Thailand, the Buddha Chinnarat. Inside there’s a monk that gives blessings, a man that receives donations and a nice old woman who foretells the future to Filippo: she extracts a numbered wand, the number corresponding to a poem with its response. What will the future preserve to Philip? We’ll find out in this episode. We’re on our way to understand a little more the culture of this country and we’ve now realized that in Thailand, if the monk dresses an orange robe he’s from the city, if it wears the brown/burgundy tunic, it means that he comes from the jungle or other cities.

During this day we visit other temples and make our drone fly, in order to document breathtaking views and to share the beauty of this wonderful historical park. We even come across a mural depicting the story of Buddha. But surprises in Sukhothai province are not over: we meet Camila Raznovich, the conductor of another well-known program talking about travelling on RAI, to the slopes of Kilimanjaro! Traveler’s world is little too!

In the evening we arrive in Bangkok and check the distance covered today on visirun tablet, after all we haven’t stressed our drivers with many km today … !!!