We arrived in Ban Na Ton Chan. Here we decide to visit the village using their traditional agricultural vehicle and observe some everyday activities. One of these activities is the production of bamboo sticks that are used by the Thai for anything.

Bamboo has a hollow but also lightweight and durable wood, so it has been used for centuries for a variety of uses and has earned the epithet of “vegetable steel”, thanks to its extraordinary mechanical resistance, both to compression and tensile strength.

Moving on to another practice, we decide to interview a cloth store’s female employee, miss ORATHAI SOMMUT, from which we learn the woven process of some local fabrics. This too is tradition and local culture.

Time passes quickly when you meet new people and learn new things. Lunch time came, so they  made us taste a local dish: Kouy Teaw Bea, that is composed by rice noodles with garlic, pork, lemon, vegetables and sugar.

Pleased with this day, we start over again and on the road to Sukhothai, we find ourselves in the middle of the initiation feast for the new monks. And the bright colors stand out!

We finally come to Amphoe Si Satchanalai and the first thing we want to do is visiting the historical Sukho THAI park and go seeing the temple that is dated 1249!! And it is still standing!