We start our day with a bit of snorkelling and diving among the islands surrounding Palau Payar, located in the South of Langkawi, the best known archipelago. Palau Payar is a marine park that offers protection to the multiplicity of species, which allows you to admire the beautiful and colorful coral reef, but that does not offer accommodation to tourists. The island is characterized by beaches where you can picnic, relax under the warm sun, or choose to go hiking. Not far from the beach, however, you can try new things, like feeding baby sharks. We have also had the chance to see not one, but TWO whales!

We continue our tour of the islands and we reach a freshwater lake which, according to ancient beliefs, has miraculous powers for couples wanting children: if a woman had difficulties getting pregnant, she only had to drink its water to become fertile. Close to this “magic” lake, there is an island, Kota Mahsuri, characterized by another legend. It is said that the Princess Mahsuri, a young girl, was wrongly accused of adultery and therefore executed. Upon execution, white blood came out of her body, as a symbol of innocence. On her deathbed, she spelled a curse to Langkawi people, which lasted for many generations. At the entrance of the mausoleum you can see the house of the princess, her grave, covered with white marble, and an exposition of photos depicting her descendants.

After this tour of the islands, we decided to visit to the wildlife park of Langkawi and interview the education officer, who tells us a bit of his craft. Filippo even enters the precinct of alligators and crocodiles to feed them. Do you think he would have been a little afraid at least??
So we end our trip in Malaysia and it’s time to unplug the units from the two vehicles that shuttled us around, and Filippo took the opportunity to make a summary of all the places we saw with the support of the map, from visirun tablet.
We look forward to the next stage!