Last stop of the Malaysian path # Overland17: Langkawi Island. It’s the main island, surrounded in turn by an archipelago of about 99 small islands, all located in the Andaman Sea, the stretch of Indian Ocean over the Straits of Malacca. The islands are part of the Malaysian state of Kedah, adjacent to the border with South Thailand. Out of 99 islands, only four are inhabited with the ban on building on the others. Being a border area, Langkawi shares many characteristics with the nearby Thailand. The type of the sea, the landscape, they are not too different from those of Southern Thailand. Food, too, such as language and certain customs, are not too distant from those across the border (though it should be noted that Southern Thailand has in turn influenced Malaysia). We arrive on the island via ferry, embarking also our vehicles. To reach the top of the island, however, we take the cable car: a kind of cable car with the distinction of having the transparent floor, considered as the main attraction of the place. In this way we have a vision of the landscape at 360 degrees: we see perfectly the main island, as well as the islands around and we can see, at close range, the fauna and flora of the forest. We almost seem to fly! Wonderful sight, not really suitable for those who have fear of heights!