We continue our journey from Malaysia, inevitable part of the land trade between the Gulf of Bengal, that of Siam and the South China Sea, in the II century A.D. The population is mainly composed by Malays, Chinese, Orang Asli, Indian Tamil and other minority ethnic groups. Today the Malays, who converted to Islam centuries ago, are the only ones with full political and civil rights.

Landed in Kuala Lampur, we find new vehicles waiting for us to start the new route. The first thing we do is install Visirun units and check that everything is in order. We decide not to visit the capital, instead we go to Banghuris Homestay, a village where we are greeted warmly, located about 60 km from Kuala Lumpur. Banghurius is a name that brings together, in fact, three villages: Kampung Bukit Bangkong, Kampung Hulu Chuchuh and Kampung Hulu Teris. This is an excellent opportunity to get in close contact with old and new traditions and activities typical of the place, as it is surrounded by plantations of oil palms, rubber trees and orchards. We can fish, beat the rubber, pick fruits and plant a fruit tree and give it our own name!

We arrive in the late afternoon and for dinner we will taste local delights. From tomorrow on, we will dedicate ourselves to the activities proposed by the resort. We cannot wait!