The boys finally pass a refreshing night on Labu Sayong, highlands rich in vegetation where our boys can finally get some “fresh”: here the temperature drops under 16°C, ideal for the cultivation of different types of vegetables, such as fruits, flowers and the famous Malaysian tea. We arrive in Kuala Kangsar district where the Sultan Yusuf Sharifuddin Mudzaffar Shah of Perak reigned from 1877 to 1887. The special feature of this district is that, unlike other sultans who were protecting their own palace and chose strategic places to spot the enemy and defend themselves, he decided to locate its own building on the banks of the river, often subject to flooding. One in particular was so strong that almost wiped out the palace. The sultan decided, therefore, to move the palace to the inside, where it still stands today and is considered one of the most significant architectural elements of Malaysia.

To enter the Masjid Ubudiah, the main mosque of the city, you have to wear proper clothes and Stefano could not resist the charm of the tunic, while Ema opted for long pants.

During one of our walks through the city, we did some filming in the workshop of a craftsman who works Labu Sayong, water containers shaped like pumpkins. Wonderful and colorful!!