The following day the team leaves for Baga, known as Pagan, the old capital city. In order to get to all the temples, they take secondary routes, which are not very smooth, and this gives a hard time to the cameramen. Once again they decide to split, one team goes to a village for another Cinemarena project, which is about lacquered dishes, while the other decides to explore the land. Night comes everybody is ready but there is still no sign of the pick-up with the cameramen. Thanks to Visirun the team is able to get together again 😉

It is time to leave Bagan and go to Yandabo through the Dry Zone. You should know that Yandabo is a very important part of Burma’s history because this is the place where the Treaty of peace between India and Britain was signed, in 1826. We arrive quite late in Yandabo because we attended a Cinemarena project held 200 km before the city, which ended at 10:00 pm. Waking up in this city is absolutely amazing. A rural village with its unique artisanal production: cooling terra-cotta jars famous all around the Burma state. The team starts travelling again west bound and makes a quick stop in Mandalay which, as you may or may not know, was established in 1857 as the capital city of the last Burma’s reign. It was built on a hill surrounded by high walls to defend itself from the English army. We reach Pyn oo Iwin where we spend the night.