That of Gua Tempurung is not a cave to explore with helmet and specialized equipment, but when the boys of #Overland17 team entered, Stack was really excited: team leader of the Fire Department specialized in water rescue; in his spare time he loves doing speleological trips (sometimes also Filippo attended them). The Gua Tempurung cave is known among professional and enthusiast speleologists: it is one of the largest natural caves of #Malesia, measuring about 3.4 km long and it is estimated that the rocks on the site have between 250 and 400 million years! Some halls and more easily accessible tunnels were equipped with electric lighting and walkways. A river flows into the cave, for a total distance of about 1.6 kilometers! There are also three very large halls and some spectacular stalactites and stalagmites.

For lunch break Ema and Stack experience the local customs by eating with their hands the food served on banana leaves: they will speak about these dishes during the episodes of # Overland17 which will be broadcast on BBC1 from July!

Now we’ve reached the Musk Forest, at 2000 meters high on the plateaus of Cameron. The forest is still populated by Aboriginal Malays known as Orang Asli, a generic name that designates various ethnic groups, non-Malays, natives of the Malay Peninsula and nearby islands … The Orang Asli are considered among the oldest ethnic groups in South-East Asia. They are mainly nomads dedicated to hunting and gathering, still tied to the ancestral traditions. I wonder if they’re looking at us this very moment…
Our fearless cameraman is a brave adventure man, he faces the dangers and obstacles in the musk forest, Cameron Highlands!