Arrived in Krabi province, we begin our exploration with kayaking around the mangrove forest AO THALANE. Located about 20 km from the city, this part of the coast is covered with dense foliage that covers the cliffs. Rowing here and there, we saw beautiful caves and hidden lagoons. We also got to see the famous Karst mountains that are cut in the background between the meanders of the mangroves. We also hosted the new traveling companions during our kayak trip, some funny monkeys grown accustomed to staying in touch with people but can also become quite intrusive.
After all this paddling we reached the Ko Hong Island, which in Thai language means “Island of the House.” Do you know why? We’ll wait for Filippo to explain it in the episodes that will be broadcasted in July and August on RAI1.

Distant view, Koh Hong looks like any other typical island of this geographical area, or a rock mass which flows to the sea leaving a slightest hint of beach views that are interspersed between the mountain peaks. On the other hand, once landed it will be easy to realize that the rocks of this island are different from the others, because they merely chase the outer perimeter of the island but they don’t occupy its central part.
During a moment of break, Ema asks Filippo the name of a place where they had been a few days earlier, to mark it in the logbook: Filippo looks at the history of Visirun and gives her the answer. With all the places visited it’s easy to forget something, luckily Visirun gave a hand.