Today Simone is leaving the team to return to Italy. Certainly we’ll miss him, impossible not to say that! So with a driver less, someone has to take his place: Filippo offers immediately, for his first experience with driving on the left! But for someone who practically grew up on orange trucks, it was not a problem at all. We continue, therefore, our journey in the direction of the Khao Sok National Park, nicknamed “Kulin of Thailand”, which protects the largest virgin forest in Thailand, one of the oldest evergreen forests of the planet. The park, founded in 1984 by the Thai government, covers an area of 739 square km including inside it the beautiful Chiao Lan lake, whose name means “light of the kingdom”. A series of limestone mountains stand out from the water near the Ratchaprapa dam, a multi-purpose dam built on the Pra-sang channel. The dam is located 65 kilometers from the Khao Sok national park and it’s open all year. However, the recommended period to visit it is during the dry season, from December to April. Within the area of the dam there are hundreds of limestone islands that have created a beautiful landscape. These made the park earn its nickname. We stop, now, at the village of Ko Panyi, in the province of Phang Nga Bay, overlooking the beautiful Andaman Sea, known to have been built on stilts by Indonesian fishermen, where we find small houseboats and piles that form an archipelago small island and inhabited mainly by the Muslim community. This village was founded by immigrants and people discussed the possibility that Malaysians and Indonesians have lived together. It is thought, however, that the ancestors of the village are mostly Malaysians.