Filippo and the guys from the # Overland17 team will spend the day visiting the Similan Islands, which are located 70 km away from the mainland, consisting of nine islands with white beaches, coral sand and clear water. This is the perfect place to do some diving and snorkeling because these islands host a wide variety of marine wildlife including: tropical fish, parrot fish, clown fish, turtles, dolphins and the chance to see rare species. Similan is a Yawi and Malay word which means “nine” or “a group of nine islands”. In 1982, this 128 sq km area was declared a National Marine Park, and in recent years this group of nine small islands have become one of the major attractions for South of Thailand and Phuket visitors. Fortunately, with the establishment of the Royal Forestry, fishing, within the boundaries of the Park, has been prohibited and the boats now have to follow precise and strict rules imposed by the park staff. For example you cannot “drop the anchor”, but you can go in search of special buoys that indicate the appropriate stopping point. One of the most striking features of the islands is the possibility to find two types of different environments in just one place: the rocky slopes of the western islands and white sand beaches of coral reefs of the eastern islands.
It will be impossible to forget a wonderful place like this!