The trip # Overland17 now runs the last kilometers in Thailand, the Isthmus of Kra, which is the strip of land that connects the Malay Peninsula with mainland Asia, which takes its name from the town of Kra Buri, in the province of Rangoon (Thailand), located at the narrowest part of the Isthmus. Its eastern side, overlooking the Gulf of Thailand, belongs to Thailand, while the western part, which faces the Andaman Sea, is part of Myanmar. The luck of this trip was the chance to visit veritable paradise corners. The photos they sent us via Whatsapp don’t really show these places’ beauty, but we’re expecting anxiously the official photos taken by Filippo and also to be aired on RAI1 between July and August!

But then Filippo and the # Overland17 team have reached Ko Phayam by sea, sailing from Rangoon. Here you can still find the Moken, an ethnic group that is part of the Austronesian family. They’re just a total of two or three thousand individuals allocated in the maritime territories of Myanmar and Thailand. They speak the Moken, who is part of the Austronesian languages. The term ‘Moken’, in fact, belongs to their language. Once, the members of this tribe lived purely in the sea, which is why they were called “sea gypsies”. Who knows if our gypsies have met them!