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DVD Season 2016

The adventure of Visirun and Overland has come to an end. This year we’ve discovered the Middle East: visiting places like Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Iran and Turkey. On our way back we passed through the Balcans, following the same paths the war refugees have travelled.

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15 June

June 14th_15th – RunTheLand – day 86_87

15 June 11:00|

Waking up to looking out the window onto the sea, really has no price. We decide to spend the day in Montenegro.  It’s a hardly known country. Nevertheless, it may reveal several landscape surprises. The irregular

June 13th – RunTheLand – day 85

13 June 11:20|

Having taken some pics with the owner of the hotel (also because of the extreme amiability showed to us), we get on the road back again. However, before leaving town, we send our Robi to

June 12th – RunTheLand – day 84

12 June 11:30|

The actual countdown for our entry back to Italy starts today. The next days will be mostly spent on packing and moving. Some pictures were taken here and there, but the aim of our daily

June 11th – RunTheLand – day 83

11 June 11:45|

This one will certainly be one of those Sundays which we will never forget.  It certainly doesn’t happen every day that one walks through the Istanbul market, or that you find yourself talking to the

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